How Involved is the Couple When You Are a Surrogate Mother in California?

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Surrogacy

If you are considering becoming a Surrogate Mother in California, you might wonder about the process. One question you might have is how involved the parents-to-be are in the process and your life. If you want to help our a couple and Be a surrogate mother, you have to go through a rigorous process. That process involves the couple that will take the baby. How involved is the couple with the surrogate process?

Financial Obligations

As a surrogate mother, you are paid for your help. You can get over $30,000 for your first time as a surrogate mother and that number goes up the more times you are a surrogate. Although you get a big chunk of change, the cost of pregnancy is high and you should not have to pay for it out of your own pocket. The parents-to-be will give the surrogate agency money that is kept in a trust. The agency uses that money to pay for your medical expenses. You are also compensated for travel expenses, babysitting, and income loss.

Doctor Visits

If possible, the couple will attend doctor visits with you. This will happen more often if you and the couple live near each other. If you live far away from the couple, they still might make the trip for a doctor visit or two. It is common for everyone to get together for the six month ultrasound. That pregnancy milestone is one all parents enjoy as it is often the first real look at the baby. You have a say in how often the couple visits or calls you. You are not forced to share time with them beyond once every week or two. However, the stronger the bond you have with the couple, the greater the experience.


The couple will be at the birth, unless something unforseen happens. Once the baby is born, they take over care. You get to share the experience with the parents, but they are the ones that spend the most time with the baby. You gave birth to a baby and someone else takes it home. That doesn’t mean you will never see the baby again. You will receive letters and photos of the baby as it grows. Depending on the bond you created with the parents, you might play a larger part in the child’s life.

Being a Surrogate Mother in California is a reward experience. You help others become parents.

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