How Employment Law in Springfield, MA Affects Working Relationships

The act of hiring someone to work in a firm involves more than a simple handshake. There are obligations that both parties agree to take on as part of the employer-employee relationship. It is important to realize that the provisions found in the body of employment law in Springfield, MA help to protect the interests of both parties. Here are some examples of employment law in action.

The Employment Contract

Many positions call for the establishment of a contract between the employer and the employee. The terms of that contract help to define the terms the two parties agree from the basis of the relationship. Within the body of that document, the general responsibilities of the employee are outlined. The level of support that the employer will provide is also found in the contract terms.

The content of that contract must be in full compliance with the body of employment law in Springfield, MA. If any clause should place an improper burden on either party, then the contract may be declared invalid. In this manner, those laws are protecting the employer and the employee from situations that could end up causing a lot of troubles later on. Click here to know more about the employment law in Springfield, MA.

Protection in the Workplace

The broad body of employment law extends to other aspects of the employment process. Employers may not discriminate when it comes to providing opportunities for employees to apply for other positions within the company structure. Some of the laws have to do with preventing harassment in the workplace and ensuring that everyone feels safe and has the resources needed to manage the workload. Those same laws ensure that even as employers cannot take advantage of employees in terms of work hours and other issues, employees are responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned to them in a manner that is with a reasonable level of proficiency.

For anyone who feels that an employer or employee has acted in a manner that is not in line with current laws, it pays to talk with the team at Connor, Morneau & Olin today. Doing so will make it easier to determine if there is, in fact, a matter that needs attention, and what types of action can be taken to remedy the situation.

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