How Do My Wheels Get Unaligned?

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Automotive

When driving in San Antonio, wheel alignment is a big concern. We spend a lot of time on the road out in Texas, and your wheels are your rock, your foundation. If they’re not right, nothing else will be either.

How Do Wheels Wind Up Needing Alignment?

San Antonio roads and wheel alignment, they’ve got kind of a contentious relationship. Over time, regular use can wind up putting your wheels off-kilter as minor problems compound over the years. We put thousands of miles on our cars and trucks, and that takes its toll. Worn springs and other parts may create a shift that isn’t noticeable from day to day, but which sets your wheels way off course over time. Sudden jarring is another major issue. Even if you don’t think you hit the curb that hard, your wheels may say otherwise.

How Do I Know If I Need Alignment?

Is your car pulling to the left or right? Is your steering wheel off-center even though you’re driving straight down the middle of your lane? Are your tires squealing even when you’re not peeling out? These are all signs of one or more tires that aren’t pointing in the direction they should be. It might be a good idea to ask your mechanic in San Antonio for wheel alignment checks every time you go in for a tune-up just to make sure you’re on the right track.

Wheels are realigned with a whole lot of precision equipment. Some garages will use special camera systems, precision measurement devices, or LED sensors. It’s not the kind of thing you can just “eyeball” or get straight with a ruler. A proper wheel alignment in San Antonio will have your wheels back on track within a millimeter of perfection.

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