How Background Checks North Bend, OR Can Help You Get A Job

When you need a little extra cash to supplement your current job, a staffing service is the answer. Working for companies like Atlas Edge Staffing Services will be very rewarding. They send you on small jobs that last from a day to several months. These jobs can range from simple construction work to office jobs. Most staffing services test your skill to better match jobs with your ability and talents. Getting hired by a staffing service in Oregon is like any other company. You have to submit your applications and W-9 forms. A representative for the staffing services conducts Background Checks North Bend OR to establish whether or not you have a criminal history. Staffing services have plenty of work assignments in several fields.

Your pay will vary along with your duties. Usually these staffing services open their doors very early. Sometimes as early a 5:00 am. It is a good idea to be there early as most of the jobs get dispatched as soon as they come in. When dispatched for a job, you should arrive at your job site in a timely manner. Check in with the work site security and report promptly to your supervisor. Any on-site job injuries should be reported to your supervisor first and then to your staffing service. Staffing services can pay either daily, weekly or monthly. Usually all your taxes are deducted from your pay. If your taxes were not deducted, you will be responsible for reporting the income and paying your taxes. Sometimes you will be responsible for providing your own supplies like work gloves and boots. Some staffing services provide those for you. If so, you are responsible for returning the equipment or you will have to pay for the replacement. Working for a staffing service is a great way to learn new skills. It is also a good way to find permanent work if you are looking for a new career. Some staffing services can also train you and help you take certification tests. Ask your local staffing service about any training they may offer. Employment through a staffing service is like working a regular 9 to 5 job, but you can have a different job each day. Click here for more information.

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