Hiring Plumbers in Mclean To Unclog A Drain

When a sink becomes clogged with water, the owner will most likely want to repair it promptly so the sink can be utilized once again. There are a few ways one can try to get water to go down a sink drain once it has become clogged. Trying some of these tips can be helpful. If they do not work, call one of the Plumbers in Mclean to aid in the removal of the obstruction causing a sink clog.

First, the water to the sink should be turned off so there is not an overflow should it accidentally be turned on. This is done by turning the water valve under or behind the sink to the right to stop the supply. After this is done, try to use a plunger to remove the obstruction from the sink. A plunger can be used in the same manner as it would be used with a clogged toilet. Stand on a chair to get better leverage if the sink is too high. Place the rubber flange of the plunger over the drain hole. Push down and pull up several times without releasing the seal of the rubber flange from the drain. After several pumps, release the seal and see if the contents go down the drain.

If a plunger does not work, try using a plumber’s snake to dislodge material from the pipe below the sink. Unwind the snake and wiggle it around a bit to help move an obstruction out of the way. If water starts going down the drain, remove the snake so it can flow through freely.

The P-trap pipe beneath a sink can be removed to see if an obstruction is stuck in the curved portion of the piping. Place a bucket under the pipe to catch the water from the drain. Use a wrench to remove the bolts on each side of the pipe. When the pipe is removed, clean well to remove a clog.

If one of the Plumbers in Mclean are needed to remove the clog, a call can be made to a reputable service in the area. Visit AllPlumbing.com to find a professional plumbing service offering competitive rates.

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