Hire An Expert To Remediate Your Chinese Drywall

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Home & Garden

If your Florida home was built between 2004 and 2007, the drywall that was used in the construction may be known as Chinese drywall. Though Chinese drywall has never been linked conclusively to health problems, many people who live in homes built with Chinese drywall complain of health issues like nose bleeds, coughing, headaches, irritated eyes and skin and even neurological problems. Once the offending drywall elements are removed, however, these symptoms cease. In order to find out if your home is made of this material, you will need to contact a Chinese drywall expert in Florida.

Talk to Neighbors, Friends & Family

If you suspect your home has Chinese drywall in it, odds are good that your neighbor’s homes do as well, especially if you live in a neighborhood or development where the same builder was responsible for building the homes. Because of this, you may want to talk to some of your neighbors to find out if they have experienced similar issues with their homes. If so, find out what Chinese Drywall Expert In Florida that they contacted. You may also want to talk to any friends or family who may have experienced the same. They may have a great recommendation for you.

You Can Look Online, As Well

If you don’t know of anyone who has experienced this before, you can also find an expert online, you simply need to look. You will likely find several companies online that can help to eradicate the issue when it comes to Chinese drywall. They will generally use techniques that will effectively remove the toxins in the drywall, thus making your home very safe.

Finally, before you contact a company for Chinese drywall repair, it is recommended that you take a little time to research the type of business they are. One way to do this is to look up reviews that have been left by former customers on the internet. If you cannot find any reviews, you can also contact organizations like the Florida Department of Health. They will be able to put you in touch with a contractor who can help. If none of those are options, you can simply start contacting companies in your area, get a quote and take it from there.


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