Hire a Family Law Firm in Folsom CA for Child Custody Cases

Family lawyers regularly counsel parents on child custody and divorce actions. While each case has its own unique circumstances and facts, certain commonalities exist. In this article are several generalized tips to increase a parent’s chances of success in child custody matters.

Be an Active Part of the Children’s Lives

Aside from providing the basics for the children, being an active participant in their lives can give a parent an edge in child custody actions. Knowing teachers’ names, going to school conferences and attending extracurricular activities can be a tremendous help in a child custody action.

Be Careful What’s Done Online

Thanks to technological advances, nearly everything a person says or does can be recorded. If a parent is not careful, it is easy for a vengeful ex-spouse to portray them in a negative way. Evidence from social media sites and other places can be very damaging, and it can be a tremendous mistake to act out online. Parents should be careful in what they do and say in front of others and online. Child custody attorneys are proficient in online research, and an ex-spouse’s family law firm in Folsom CA will use a person’s online conduct as evidence.

Foster a Relationship Between the Children and the Other Parent

Family courts look favorably on parents who support the children’s ongoing relationship with the other parent. Conversely, those who negatively influence that relationship can damage their case for child custody. A parent’s main goal throughout a case should be to prove that they are focused on the child’s best interests. As such, the petitioner must show that they are taking actions to encourage the child’s relationship with their other parent.

Address Parental Fitness Issues

A parent who casually uses illicit drugs is likely to encounter trouble when asking for child custody. Judges take substance abuse accusations very seriously, and such allegations are thoroughly investigated. In child custody actions, courts can investigate parents through random testing, psychological evaluation, and other methods. Those with substance abuse issues should seek treatment right away.

Listen to the Attorney

Child custody matters can be emotionally draining and very stressful, and they often involve complex legal and personal factors. Parents should consult The Family Attorneys before going ahead with a child custody or divorce action, and they should heed the advice of the Family Law Firm in Folsom CA.

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