High-Quality Auto Parts At A Lower Cost

Cars produced in the last decade are considerably more sophisticated than their predecessors were; as such, fewer people are looking to save money by purchasing wholesale auto parts in Chicago and performing their repairs. Although this may be the case, there are still many older vehicles that are still running well thanks to “DIY” mechanics.

OEM parts:

Vehicle owners who rely on their dealer for routine vehicle maintenance and repairs are assured that the parts used are original; the same parts that were used when the vehicle was originally assembled. Once the new car warranty has elapsed, many owners will turn to independent repair facilities. These local repair shops are likely to use aftermarket parts. There is nothing wrong with aftermarket parts, as many are superior to the OEM parts they replace. Aftermarket wholesale auto parts in Chicago are of equal quality and certainly cost less.

Aftermarket parts:

An aftermarket part is one produced by a supplier other than the original manufacturer. Although there may be minor cosmetic differences, aftermarket parts are direct replacements and when used, do not void the vehicle warranty. Although they are not made by the vehicle manufacturer or a dedicated direct supplier, they are equal in quality and have been manufactured to exact specifications. They function as well, if not better than, OEM parts.

Why use aftermarket parts?

There are two underlying reasons car owners use aftermarket wholesale auto parts:


Aftermarket parts are considerably less expensive than the OEM version. Most parts sourced from the vehicle manufacture are marked up by a factor of three or four since the factory is of the opinion they have a captive market. By all means, check the price of the original replacement part and then check the price of the aftermarket equivalent, you will find the price difference to be quite remarkable.


Aftermarket wholesale auto parts in Chicago are not inferior, they are equal in quality to the original. Aftermarket parts are “reverse engineered,” in many cases inherent weaknesses are designed out, resulting in a better replacement part.

If you do your vehicle repairs or rely on an independent garage, do not hesitate to use high-quality wholesale auto parts; they are equal in quality and cost considerably less.

If you perform your own vehicle repairs or you own an independent garage, you can rest assured that wholesale auto parts in Chicago that have been purchased from Aero Auto Parts are every bit as good as the OEM parts they replace and cost less.

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