Getting Out Of Jail With Bondsmen From Sedgwick County

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Financial Services

Most people who are arrested and charged with a crime have a pre-set bond. However, those with serious charges have to file with the court for a bond. Family and loved ones hire an attorney to file a motion for bond. If the court grants a bond, the family may have to pay a bondsman. The court uses bond to make sure the defendant appears in court.

A judge uses several criteria to determine whether a defendant gets a bond. One of the main concerns is whether or not the defendant has a previous criminal record. In addition, the judge inquires about the following:

* whether the defendant has a job
* whether the defendant has significant ties to the community
* current charges

The court favors granting bonds. Jail overcrowding is reduced, and costs are lowered for different jurisdictions. The defendant can also take care of their families and help the attorney in the preparation of their defense. A defendant may need bondsmen in Sedgwick County. Affordable bail bonds get defendants released quickly. For more information, Browse site. The bond amount is usually more than the defendant can pay. Therefore, he or she must pay the bail bondsmen a percentage of the bond. These amounts range from ten percent to twenty percent. In essence, the defendant pays part of the bond, and the bondsman pays the rest. If defendants pay a percentage of the bond, the money is non-refundable.

A property bond can also be used to get someone released. Property is posted for the full amount of the bond. The property must have enough equity to cover the bail amount. If the defendant fails to show up for court, the court may foreclose on the property. Some defendants are lucky enough to get an O.R. bond. They are released on their own recognizance. First-time offenders and minors usually qualify for O.R. bonds. The Bondsmen in Sedgwick County also issue immigration bonds. In these cases, they charge fifty percent of the bond amount. Immigration bonds are written for illegal aliens who are in jail for crimes committed in this country. Most defendants would have to stay in jail if it were not for bonding companies.

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