Getting Help for a Lemon with a Texas Lemon Law Attorney

Have you recently purchased a vehicle in Texas only to find that you can’t drive it? Whether your vehicle is stalling or never starting up, there are other problems that may classify it as a lemon under Texas law. Most Texas lemon law attorney offices will tell you that dealerships sell cars all the time that have problems. Usually, the manufacturer is to blame, but sometimes the dealership may have known about the issues before selling the vehicle. Here are some tips as you file your lemon law claim.

Limited Time to File
You only have 12 months to file a lemon law claim. This means that you have to start documenting the problems as soon as they start and keep a record of everything throughout the time that you have the vehicle.

Document Out of Commission Time
In many cases, you probably were not able to use the vehicle for an extended period. If the manufacturer was not able to fix the issues or the car was kept at the dealership’s garage without being returned for 30 days, then you have a clear lemon law case. Your vehicle should be refunded or replaced in these cases.

Document the Service Appointments
Any time that you bring the car in for a service appointment, you’ll need to get it in writing and make copies of any orders. The point is to show a common problem from one service appointment to the next. If you are not able to get the mechanic to make notes about the issues during the appointment, then you should not leave until you have more of an explanation on paper.

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