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by | Oct 8, 2013 | health care

People are unhappy with themselves for a variety of reasons but one that has been a continuing theme through the decades is the dislike of wrinkles on their face. While this is a part of the natural aging process and something that everyone goes through, many choose to hide their wrinkles away with a variety of tricks that allow them to look younger and free of wrinkles. There are many different options for those who desire to have a face without the wrinkles but the most popular option for many decades has been the use of Botox.
Botox is a tightening gel that is squeezed into place through a needle. It sounds uncomfortable, but it really does not hurt that much. The needle is small and fine, though long, and the people doing the procedure tend to numb the area first to remove all possibility of discomfort. Getting botox in Columbia, MO will allow a great many options to be available, as far as doctors go, so it is important to get a doctor that is more concerned with the well being of their patient than of their wallet. Dr. Gregory H. Croll is one such doctor. He is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon which means that, unlike a great number of people who offer botox in Columbia, MO, he actually knows what he is doing and how it affects the area he is putting the gel in. If the patient is concerned about their first botox procedure then it is best to go to a professional who knows the ins and outs of what can happen in the worst case scenario.
The truth is that, in many cases, the businesses that offer botox are simply unable to handle it should something serious happen like a rejection of the gel by the body. By using a board certified plastic surgeon, there is going to be that sense of knowledge and trust as Dr. Gregory H. Croll will actually know how to stop an allergic reaction and take care of a patient. Unlike a spa, the doctor has been trained in medicine and is better suited to actually performing procedures on patients.

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