Get the Tenant Help you Need from a Berkeley Eviction Law Attorney

Eviction is a scary word and if you are a Berkeley or San Francisco area resident who is facing a possible eviction, then you may need the advice of a Berkeley eviction lawyer.

Understanding Berkeley Eviction Law Facts

There are actually 15 examples of what is considered being a just cause for eviction in the state of California and Berkeley eviction law covers them all. If a landlord tries to evict you for anything but one of these 15 reasons, then you may need to discuss the situation with a lawyer who is well versed in eviction law.

These 15 reasons are listed as being failure to pay rent, breaking a lease, nuisance, doing something illegal in the unit, not signing a new lease that is the same as the previous one, not letting the landlord into the unit with reasonable notice, staying in the unit after lawful tenancy has expired, owner needs to move in, it is being converted to condos, unit is to be demolished, temporary capital improvements, reasons under the Ellis Act, temporary lead remediation, and landlord wants to create affordable or mixed units.

Some Evictions Under Berkeley Eviction Law are Fault, Others No Fault

An eviction where the tenant is considered as being ”at fault” is one where the tenant is the one causing the need for eviction, i.e. they didn’t pay the rent. This means it is the tenant has done something that was either illegal or in violation of the lease and are liable to be evicted.

Some cases are no fault, which means they aren’t the tenant’s fault. This is, for example, if the landlord wants them out so they can move in. They still must move according to Berkeley eviction law. However, if the landlord tries to make them move and his or her actions are in violation of the law or local rent ordinance, then the tenant may have case and can call a lawyer for help and advice.

Understanding Eviction Can Be Hard and Confusing

The main thing to understand is that there are multiple rental laws for both tenants and landlords, under Berkeley eviction law that must be followed, and if needed, specialty lawyers can help if you are in a situation that needs mediation.

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