Get Help Dealing with a Probation Violation from a Probation Violation Lawyer

A person may be released on probation in lieu of jail time or to complete their jail term. There are usually specific conditions set detailing what a person can or cannot do while they are on probation; for instance, typically, the person cannot partake in illegal drugs and they may not be able to leave the county without the probation officer’s permission. In addition, they must stay out of legal trouble, and if the person violates any of these terms they could face serious penalties.

What Penalties They Might Face
If a person is convicted of a probation violation, they could have their probation revoked and may end up having to serve time in jail and may also have to pay a significant amount of fines. In some cases, they may be able to have the probation reinstated, but it will likely have more strict requirements and could be for a much longer term. The exact penalty is going to depend on the reason they’re on probation, the violation they are accused of, and the severity of the violation.

How a Probation Lawyer Can Help
As soon as they are arrested on a probation violation, the person will want to contact a probation violation lawyer, a professional who will be able to help them avoid the serious penalties that could occur if they are convicted of the violation. The lawyer may be able to show there isn’t enough evidence to convict them, prove they are innocent of the violation, or prove that the probation terms were actually complied with. The defense is going to be determined by the exact situation that caused them to be arrested. The lawyer will work directly with their client to talk to them about what penalties they are facing, how the penalties can be avoided, and what they may be able to do to prevent the same situation in the future.

Anyone who is released on probation and is then arrested for a violation of their probation will want to hire a probation violation lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights and help prevent a serious consequence for the violation. There’s a variety of defenses the lawyer can use to help them, so for more information or to hire a probation lawyer, visit website today.

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