Get a Great Looking Smile Using Porcelain Veneers in DC

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the busiest fields in the dental industry, and there are many reasons for this. One example is teeth whitening, which is still the most-requested procedure in many offices. However, cosmetic dentistry is not always able to eliminate unsightly issues including major stains and may simply cover them up instead. One area where this is possible is with the front or visible portion of the teeth, and the tool of choice is Porcelain Veneers in DC. This is partly because modern veneers can be placed very quickly and require little or no removal of tooth material during the installation.

Keep in mind that the veneer is only a cosmetic improvement. It does not provide enough strength or support for biting or chewing like a crown does. One reason for this is that the veneer sits on top of the teeth and is simply secured with a dental-grade resin. Normally, this is not a concern unless the patient eats certain foods with a loose veneer. A lost veneer, or one that the resin fails to hold in place, can be one of the more common reasons for emergency dental services because the exposed teeth may have other issues.

One reason to select Porcelain Veneers in DC is the material they are created from. Porcelain has several excellent qualities and one of them is its appearance. Porcelain closely resembles the pearly white color of existing teeth and it can be adjusted during creation to get the exact shade for the patient. This is preferable for those patients who believe that white teeth don’t look natural. After all, the original shade of most teeth is the subtle off-white of oyster pearls and not the smooth white that some dental products use.

Replacing a veneer is usually a simple task. First, the dentist must take a new mold, just in case things have changed recently. Actually, the function of the mold is to create yet another mold that is used to develop the veneer. This process is used for several dental devices and it helps to ensure the final results exceed the customer’s expectations. This level of quality is necessary for several prostheses including dentures. Check out the website and read full info here.

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