Geriatric Home Care: 6 Things to Consider

It is generally accepted that most seniors wish to age in their own homes. Geriatric home care is one important factor that can make this a reality. But is geriatric home care the right choice for your loved one? Here are a 6 factors to consider:

Address and Access: Is your loved one’s home near a quality healthcare, hospitals, emergency clinics, doctors? Do they live in an urban or rural area? Getting quality home care workers to travel to rural areas can be difficult and inconsistent. Transportation can also be a challenge for seniors, so it’s good if there is public transportation available or if there is a person that can drive staying with the senior. How long does your loved one travel to get to medical appointments? Less than an hour is ideal. More than that, you may want to consider other living arrangements.

Home Maintenance: Is the home easy to maintain for your loved one? If it’s small enough so it’s quick and easy to clean, then good. If it has large yard that constantly needs to be maintained, upkeep that needs to be done, or repairs that are needed, you might need some extra assistance.

Modifications: Is the home easy to access and navigate? As we age we require more features that make our homes liveable to us. Putting in home safety features to help your loved one move around more easily is a good idea. Look for any space that can accommodate a small ramp for wheelchair access. See about installing some hand support bars or a stair chair or elevator.

Nearby Support: Are friends and family close by? While you might live just an hour away, the older your loved ones get, the more their needs increase. You might not be able to provide them with the care and assistance they need, especially if you live an hour or two away. It’s important to consider their proximity to other forms of support.

Existing Conditions: Your loved one might be strong and healthy now but if he or she has an existing condition that is progressive with time, it’s wise to make arrangements early on. Will there be mobility issues? What other complications will you need to prepare for?

Money and Budget: Make a budget to include the expenses involved when you choose geriatric home care for your loved one. Capital City Nurses offers different care services: from in-home care and nursing assistance to medication management and nurse care management. We also offer choice in the model that care is delivered. Clients can choose between services provided by our Agency, care is provided by employed caregivers and includes RN supervision or they can choose to be referred to an independent member of our Registry. In either case, the client will receive exceptional in home care and attention by a certified caregiver with clean background checks. Sometimes Companion services are also available, so if your loved one needs someone to come with her to appointments, run errands for her, look after the yard or attend to basic housekeeping tasks inside the home, you can breathe easy, knowing she has someone with her.
These are just a few of the considerations you’ll need to factor in when you it comes to providing in-home care and assistance to your loved one. To know more about geriatric home care services, ask us.

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