Geothermal in Chattanooga TN: An Affordable Alternative Energy

Over the past 25 years, energy costs for homes and businesses have sharply increased. As a result, the average energy cost for Americans is now over $170 per month. Alternative, renewable energy sources provide a solution to these rising costs. Geothermal in Chattanooga TN is one such solution. It has distinct advantages over gas and other alternative energies. Customers looking for reduced costs should seek out the following.

• Geothermal energy draws its power from underground. Therefore, it requires fewer visible structures that damage the beauty of a property. It also runs more quietly than the wind or natural gas systems.

• It can supply energy to any electrical system, including heating, air conditioning, and lighting. As a power source, geothermal energy is always “on” and available 24 hours a day.

• Geothermal wells keep hot water at a steady temperature, eliminating time spent waiting for water to get warm.

• Recent technological advances mean geothermal energy is an option for most customers, even if they live outside areas with high tectonic activity.

• Geothermal energy occurs naturally and is completely renewable. It also eliminates pollution, making it among the cheapest and greenest sources of power.

• The most recent studies show traditional energy costs nearly 13 cents per kilowatt hour. Geothermal energy costs only 1-3 cents per kilowatt hour.

Consulting engineers, like those found at website, create a geothermal system from the ground up. They also install them in pre-existing buildings. When called upon to design buildings around geothermal systems, they make sure the structure is as green and cost-effective as possible, utilizing the full potential of alternative power. Engineers carefully design and construct plumbing and fire protection to be compatible with geothermal systems.

They also create hybrid energy systems, which combine geothermal power with traditional or other alternative sources. They create a smart power system that has the lowest initial cost and saves money over time. This means the switch to geothermal or hybrid energy will eventually pay for itself through savings. Whether customers are looking to “go green” or simply save on energy costs, Geothermal in Chattanooga TN is one of the best options.

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