Four Key Features of a 3DTV

Home owners looking to purchase a new TV for their home need to carefully consider the type and design they are looking for. While two-dimensional televisions are the main style offered, there are now 3D TVs that give an even clearer picture. A 3DTV offers four key features that home owners can enjoy.

Large Size
In order to gain the full 3D effect, a larger screen size is needed. website offers 3D televisions in 55, 60, 65, and 70 inches. These larger sizes will ensure the picture quality is topnotch, and the 3D effects can be felt and seen easily.

Smart TV
On top of providing a 3D picture, these TVs also possess smart capabilities. This means they can access the Internet. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, and other movie and television streaming services can easily be accessed through a smart TV. A web browser is even included.

Multiple HDMI Connections
Some televisions only offer one or two HDMI connections, meaning only a couple accessories or electronic items can be plugged in. With this type of TV, multiple HDMI connections are available. Blu Ray players, cable boxes, game systems, and more can be used with the TV on a regular basis, with no changing cords necessary.

3D Cinema Experience
A cinema offers 3D movies for customers to enjoy. A 3DTV utilizes that same concept and offers a cinema experience for residents to enjoy in their own homes. Typically, special glasses need to be used in order to watch a 3D movie. TVs with 3D capabilities provide several pairs of polarized glasses for the television owner and a few others to best experience the show. Additional glasses can be purchased separately from a store and used with the TV if needed.

A 3D television offers many important features for home owners to enjoy. Not only do they get to experience a 3D picture that was previously only felt in theaters, but they also get smart TV capabilities that allow them to go online. With a large size, there is a big, clear picture. There are even multiple HDMI connections that allow multiple devices to be hooked up at once.

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