Fly Screen Door: Why Consider One


It doesn’t seem to matter where you live – in the country or the city – flies are prevalent everywhere. Having them in your home can be problematic because they can carry disease and spoil your food. Plus, they’re annoying because they tend to get in your face and land on you.

One way to prevent them is to keep the house shut up all the time, but that could cause higher electricity bills from your air conditioner, and invite staleness into the home. A fly screen door could be the right solution because it prevents insects from coming in while still letting you open the home to the fresh breeze outside.

When considering a fly screen door, the goal is to choose something unobtrusive. You want the mesh to be small enough that bugs can’t get through (even gnats), but you don’t want to notice it when you look outside. You also want to ensure that it is cut or scratch resistant, so it doesn’t get harmed when you walk by with something sharp. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that it is strong enough that kids or pets can lean on it without it breaking, ensuring that they don’t fall out or cut themselves.

At SP Screens, they offer high-quality brands that are durable and long-lasting. They also include warranties, depending on the brand and styling, to ensure that you’re satisfied for many years. Their screens are designed to blend in with the façade, ensuring that you and the neighbours don’t notice them but that flies and insects cannot get inside. You’ll always get the most competitive pricing and personalised service that you require, all with better quality so that you have peace of mind. Your fly screen door will keep out the debris and bugs without obscuring the view or prevent you from opening the doors.

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