Finding The Right Care For Varicose Veins

Finding the right care for varicose veins is imperative if you want relief. If you have been experiencing trouble with your veins, your search just got easier with Dr. Garg, including his team of experts at Veins Without Surgery in Chicago. There are three different locations around the city so you can find one that is most convenient for you. Seeking professional care from Dr. Garg can put your mind at ease because he does these procedures on a daily basis and is certified in phlebology.

Call to Find Out Your Options

If you have been showing signs of vein swelling, spider veins, chronic pains in your legs, varicose veins, or leg ulcers you will want to call the office of Veins Without Surgery in Chicago for the staff to make an appointment for you to see Dr. Garg. He then will discuss all of your options for the treatment you need, he will explain any of the risks that may come with the procedure, also any benefits that you may receive from getting the treatment. Most common treatments are Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Laser treatment, and Sclerotherapy. These treatments are the fastest, cheapest, and more effective than traditional surgery. Almost all of these procedures can be done within the hour and without any anesthesia.

Don’t Suffer

You don’t have to suffer any longer from pains caused by your veins. The process is simple, takes little to no time to complete, takes little to no recovery time after the procedure you can go right back to work, or back to your everyday routine. Get your everyday life back to normal, and pain free by visiting the vein clinic in Chicago. Veins Without Surgery can provide the excellent care that you need. Visit Veins Without Surgery and also follow us on Twitter.

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