Finding an Oil Field Accident Attorney in Lubbock

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Lawyers

The oil and gas extraction and production industries are dangerous, and injuries are often catastrophic, resulting in loss of sight, limbs and even life. If you’ve been affected by such a tragedy, you have the right to compensation, and an Oil Field Accident Attorney in Lubbock can help you and your family retain your financial stability.

Common Oil Field Accidents

Many things can go wrong on an oil field, but explosions, blowouts, falls and chemical exposure are quite common. These accidents can be triggered by shoddy maintenance, employee error and sleep deprivation. Some oil field procedures, like fracking, are inherently dangerous. In fracking, shale rock is broken, releasing trapped gases and raising the risk of serious injury.

Oil Field Injuries are Often Severe

Broken backs, limbs and necks often happen due to falls, and spills and fires can cause scarring, maiming and fatal burns. Electrocution and malfunctioning equipment can lead to serious or fatal injuries, and long-term chemical exposure can have enduring effects on a person’s day-to-day life.

Don’t Sign Papers Without Consulting an Attorney

If an insurance adjuster or company representative tries to get you to settle out of court, don’t sign anything without talking to an oil field injury attorney. However, all is not lost if you’ve already signed forms; your lawyer may still be able to get you compensation. If your employer is offering to compensate you that means they accept responsibility for the incident.

If you accept their offer of compensation, you’ll have to sign forms that release the company from liability. These amounts often do not cover all your expenses, leaving you with a permanent disability and no way to support your family.

Calling an Attorney

After an oil field accident, you should call the Killion Law Firm as soon as possible. Some companies are quick to offer compensation in exchange for your signature on liability release forms, but others are reluctant to even acknowledge an incident. A lawyer can evaluate your situation and determine whether a company should be held liable for your injuries.

Oil field accidents can cost you a substantial amount due to lost wages and medical bills. You should contact an Oil Field Accident Attorney in Lubbock to find out whether you have a civil case; there’s nothing to lose, and a victory can help you pay your expenses during your recovery.

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