Finding a Commercial Wallcovering to Meet Your Requirements

Interior decorators and architects will use a commercial wallcovering to enrich the look of high traffic properties such as schools, offices, and hospitals. A good quality commercial wallcovering provides top notch designs on the walls and protects them from any damages or scuffs.

There are different types of commercial wallcoverings that are available on the market today, some of which are:

  • Paper-backed vinyl covering
  • Natural textile covering
  • Fabric backed covering
  • Synthetic textile covering
  • Wood veneer covering

Choose a type that suits your needs and budget. To get the best results, be sure that you have your commercial wallcovering installed by a professional. If there is any complication at the time of installation, get in touch with the seller at once, and to prevent any sort of discrepancy at the time of installation, refer to the manufacturer’s information beforehand.

There are specialized wall coverings commonly available in a market that offers products with increased functionalities. Some of these are:

Magnetic Coverings

This type is most suited for use in a commercial set up, as they allow usage of magnetic appliqués needed during presentations.

Dry Erase Wall Coverings

With dry erase wall coverings, you don’t have to use a whiteboard separately. You can create your presentations on these walls and erase them for each new presentation.

Electromagnetic Wall Covering

This type of commercial wallcovering reduces electromagnetic intrusion. They are ideal for use in computer rooms.

An important aspect that needs to be considered during wall cover installation is the adhesive used to affix the covering to the wall. The usage of adhesive depends on the nature of the wall covering. Some are meant for lightweight ones, and some are meant for heavyweight wall coverings. They also vary in terms of ease of application and stripping. Usually, a roller is used to apply the adhesives at the back of the wall coverings.

It is widely accepted that wall coverings have a better aesthetic appeal compared to regular painted walls. Also, the initial investment might be comparatively higher, but they prove to be more economical in the long run. According to research, it is observed that the life of wall coverings is about five times longer than the life of wall paint. The beauty of commercial wallcoverings is that they can last up to fifteen years, whereas paints require refurbishing every couple of years.

If you want to bring about a fresh energy vibe to your workspace, opt for a top-quality commercial wallcovering, and add a touch of personalization to the interior decoration of your commercial property.

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