Fight the Thin Brow

Plucking your eyebrows to narrow lines was popular about a decade ago. Unfortunately you might still be looking at the damage all that plucking has done; or you could just be genetically unlucky and have thin brows through no fault of your own. Either way, there are things you can do to correct this. Popular ways to correct thin brows include filling in with pencils or powder, micro-blading, and eyebrow extensions.

Pencils or Powder

This is the most common way to fill in thin brows. It is inexpensive, easy, and doesn’t need a professional stylist to perform. Essentially you draw on your eyebrows with a pencil or with brow powder. It is simple, but there are some drawbacks. It is something that has to be redone every time you wash your face; it will also run off in certain situations. There is nothing like getting out of the pool, and having your eyebrows run down your face.


This method is done in a professional salon. It involves taking a tiny blade and cutting the skin, then applying a specific type of dye. It is very close to the same process as getting a tattoo. Because it involves open cuts, having a trusted and clean application is extremely important. This method lasts for years without any reapplications.

Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow extensions in NYC are another professional salon service method to deal with less than full eyebrows. A high quality application will use human hair to fill in spots on your natural eyebrows. A good salon will have different types of hair to make sure that your eyebrows look natural, just enhanced. The texture, length, and color are all things that must match to your natural eyebrow. The extensions are then glued, one by one, onto your eyebrow. This treatment usually needs to be filled in every two weeks to keep your look fresh.

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