Fear of Flying Courses- A Brief Introduction

Fear of flying courses are designed by professional pilots and trainers, in order to help participants get over their fear of flying. In this day and age, where millions of people step on to airplanes each day, there are many who are scared to do so. Medical science refers to this fear by many names. Aviatophobia, aviophobia and aerophobia are some of the few. Statistics suggest that one in every six people suffer from a fear of flying. This is caused by many reasons. For instance, a person might fear flying because they read about a horrific plane accident in their childhood.

During childhood, an individual is still establishing their first impressions about life and such an incident could create a deep seated fear in them. This fear transcends and continues to grow with age, until a person finds it difficult to step onto a plane. In the present day, air travel is considered to be one of the most accessible and convenient ways to move from one city to another. Hence, the fear of flying could seriously hinder a person’s ability to travel freely. Fear of flying courses are offered to overcome this handicap.

What Do They Offer?

Fear of flying courses are usually of two types, ground based and flight based. Flight based courses take passengers on an actual flight, while ground based courses simply provide explanations to help participants overcome their fear. Usually, these courses are a day long. Some might even last for up to three days. They begin in the morning, and end with an actual flight on a small aircraft.

Participants are encouraged to talk to each other, so that they know that they aren’t the only ones who have this fear. Then, throughout the day, several sessions are held in which experienced individuals share information with the participants regarding the aviation industry. Some courses even feature psychologists, who help individuals that suffer from claustrophobia, lack of control and panic attacks, etc. Some courses take participants on an actual flight which lasts about an hour. The flight is designed to help passengers feel easy about flying.

Who Offers Such Courses?

Fear of flying courses are offered by several entities. Many different airlines offer such courses in a bid to increase their customer base. On the other hand, several private organizations also offer these courses. The prices vary depending upon the type of course. Ground based courses are obviously cheaper than flight based ones. While most of them are one day courses, those who have deep seated fears are often asked to visit a psychologist before attending a course. This helps participants clear the doubts and fears in their minds, and be more accepting of the information highlighted in the course.

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