FAQs About Automobile Accident Laws Answered By Auto Accident Attorneys In Live Oak, FL

In Florida, a twenty-four percent increase in auto accidents has occurred in the last few years. The most common demographic of drivers involved in these accidents is between the ages of sixteen and nineteen. The following are frequently asked questions about these accident laws answered by Auto Accident Attorneys in Live Oak FL.

What Auto Insurance is Required in FL?

In Florida, all drivers adhere to a no-fault system. Under these systems, drivers must purchase and maintain auto liability coverage as well as personal injury protection. The purpose of both policies is to reduce the potential for lawsuits if possible. The liability coverage offers payment for the other party if the policyholder is at fault. The personal injury protection pays medical benefits if the policyholder is injured.

How Does Coverage Affect a Personal Injury Claim?

If the victim received a value that covers their full expenses, they aren’t eligible for additional monetary awards. The only way that the victim may receive further benefits via a lawsuit is if they sustained serious or permanent injuries.

Does Comparative Fault Apply in These Cases?

Yes, comparative fault can apply in accident cases in Florida. While it is a no-fault state, the court does allow the use of comparative fault to determine if the victim also caused the accident. The series of events that produced the accident are evaluated. If the victim broke the law by committing a traffic violation, they are also at fault for the accident.

Who Can File a Lawsuit After an Auto Accident?

Any victim of an accident maintains the right to file a lawsuit. However, the state may impose limitations such as requiring the victim to show more serious conditions. It is permanent injuries such as traumatic brain injury, disfigurement, and loss of limb or function that have the highest probability of receiving an award. The cost of these conditions is more likely to exceed the limitations of the insurance policy.

In Florida, accident victims file a legal claim based on a no-fault auto accident system. These systems impose limitations related to who is more likely to receive a settlement due to their injuries. Victims of auto accidents contact Auto Accident Attorneys in Live Oak FL by visiting Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com today.

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