Exploring The Different Teeth Whitening Procedures Available

Perhaps one of the biggest problems people have with their teeth is that they don’t seem white enough. This is often the case for people that are older. There are also people with genetic conditions that cause their teeth to yellow prematurely. In some instances, yellow teeth occur because of lifestyle choices, such as smoking or drinking. Fortunately, there are methods in which a person can have their teeth whitened. However, when it comes to Teeth Whitening, there are a number of different questions as to which method is the best.

The most convenient method of whitening a person’s teeth is to do so with over-the-counter products. These can range from being very affordable to somewhat expensive. In addition, there is no guarantee these over-the-counter kits will provide the types of results someone is looking for. Some people swear by over-the-counter whitening methods while others get little to no benefit from them at all.

Teeth Whitening performed at a dental office is likely the best possible scenario for getting teeth as white as possible. There are some people where whitening procedures, even those done in a dental office, don’t provide the desired results. However, this is more the exception rather than the rule.

Many people want to know why these methods are better than those found in over-the-counter treatments. The fact is that the same type of whitening agent used in over-the-counter kits is used at a dentist’s office. However, the strength of the whitening agent is limited in over-the-counter treatments, where the dosage is much stronger in those treatments provided by a dentist.

Another thing to consider is cost. The average cost of an in-office whitening procedure is anywhere from $500-$600. Over-the-counter kits can cost up to a hundred dollars but generally range between $20 and $40. It’s also important to remember that dental whitening procedures are cosmetic procedures, so they are not covered by dental insurance.

Whether you have a genetic condition that causes your teeth to yellow or discolor, or you’ve been a smoker or drink a great deal of coffee and your teeth have become stained, whitening procedures provided by a dentist may be the best option. If you want to learn more about this and other procedures, visit a website like us.

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