Evaluating the Best Personal Checking Accounts in Maryville

Don’t assume all checking accounts are the same; that simply isn’t true. You need a bank to work with that you can trust. You need to know your information is safe and secure. You also need to know they are there to help you any time you need it. Your checking account information should be accessible both online and on your smartphone. Such flexibility ensures you can stay on top of your account changes daily.


You have to watch out for the fees when it comes to personal checking accounts. They can add up quickly. Look for a bank offering no monthly fee checking. This means they don’t charge you a flat fee per month just for having the account. Some will give you free checking, but if your balance drops below a certain amount during the month, you will get charged a fee.

Typically, your first box of checks will be free from the bank. When you need to order additional checks, you will be billed. The cost depends on the type of checks you want. Duplicate checks cost more, but they do offer you peace of mind. If you forget to write a check down in your registry, you have a duplicate of it in your checkbook for easy reference.

There may be fees if you have any overdrafts in your checking account. This means you had a check go to the account, but there wasn’t enough funding in there to pay it. Sometimes, the bank will pay it and charge you a service fee for doing so. Other times, they will charge you a fee and send the check back to the person trying to cash it.

Personalized Service

You should feel great about the personalized services you get from the bank. Personal checking accounts in Maryville should come with perks, such as walking in and being recognized. Don’t be offended, though, if you have to show your ID to cash a check or to make a withdrawal. The tellers are just trying to offer the best level of safety possible at the bank.

You should be able to get help with opening a checking account, transferring money, withdrawals, and getting questions answered. They should be willing to help you get your online and smartphone access created. You will need a username and password for such access. This allows you to view your checking account history as soon as you log in. You can also pay bills, transfer funds, and other various tasks while you are logged in.

Keep in mind that doing well with this checking account can help to build your credit. Should you go to the bank for a loan down the road, they can look at your history to see if you have been responsible with your money. Visit here for more details.

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