Essential Questions To Ask Steel Pipe Suppliers

Most contractors tend to find a supplier for their industrial, commercial and construction material needs and stay with that supplier. This can be good options to consider as it allows the supplier and the contractor to develop a working relationship that can be essential in solving problems, getting assistance on the best materials and in structuring orders for a given project.

However, for new contractors, contractors working outside of their “home” area or when current steel pipe suppliers are not meeting the needs of the contractors, finding a new supplier should be a priority.

Not all steel pipe suppliers are the same. There will be differences in everything from pricing to the additional services and materials offered by the supplier. Taking the time to ask questions and compare options is time well spent for any contractor.

Pricing and Pipe Options

Most of the top pipe suppliers will be fairly competitive in their pricing. It is important to ensure that the pipe is in top condition and from pipe manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality pipe.

Some companies may offer pipe that is inferior in quality. These are often the suppliers with prices that are below that of other companies. With steel pipe, as with other products, you will get what you pay for.

Delivery Possibilities and Cost

Pricing of the pipe is just one consideration. Make sure the steel pipe suppliers under consideration can meet your delivery requirements at a fair and reasonable cost. Some companies may not have the expertise to ship pipe outside of the USA, so always be sure to ask about past experience for shipping either domestically or internationally.

Additional Materials and Services

Typically, if steel pipe is needed on a project, there will also be the need for fittings, valves, and accessories. Using one supplier for pipe and all associated materials can help save money, coordinating shipments of materials and ensuring top quality of all components.

Look for suppliers that offer more than just the basic pipe. It is also a good idea to call and talk to the company to develop a sense of the level of customer service that can be expected with the order.

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