Duct Cleaning Service In Schenectady Can Keep Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

The indoor air quality of many buildings is usually poor. Mold, dust, debris, bacteria and other harmful things can be within the ductwork; that makes the occupants ill with sinus problems, repeated colds, asthma attacks, and illness returning on a continuing basis. Duct cleaning service Schenectady can remove these harmful things from the duct work so everyone can start breathing easier, feeling better, and reducing the amount of dust in the building. When someone purchases or home, the previous owner’s dirt or pet hair and dander will still be in the duct work. Moving means a fresh start, and that includes the indoor air quality of a home.

When a building has suffered smoke or water damage, it is highly recommended that a duct cleaning service Schenectady be contacted. The soot and smell will remain in the home after the cleanup if the duct work isn’t properly cleaned and disinfected. Water damage creates mold in a short amount of time, and the mold spores will travel through the duct work becoming lodged on other items. This type of service should be performed more frequently if there are animals in the home, smoking, water or smoke damage. Changing a furnace filter regularly is helpful, but it cannot remove the airborne debris found in duct work.

Keeping cold air and warm air returns vacuumed out can eliminate only a fraction of the dirt. A duct cleaning service will locate the best place to cut a circular hole in the duct work and attach a large vacuum hose to it. A truck will be parked outside that is turned on to start the process. Vents will be covered in certain areas to eliminate blowback during the process. A technician will use a variety of brushes and air tools to force the dirt and debris towards the vacuum opening. Cameras can give an owner a before and after view of the inside of the duct work.

If you’re interested in a cleaner air circulating throughout your home or business, duct work cleaning will help. This process should be repeated periodically to maintain the indoor air quality. For more information, please click here.

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