Driveway Gates – Sliding or Swinging?

Adding Driveway Gates to your home’s property not only enhances its beauty but increases safety and equity. Having a gated entrance to your property is one of the easiest ways to add security to your property. Gates for driveway use are either sliding or swinging.

 * Sliding Gates -: These roll on wheels either to the left or right. The limiting factor in using this kind of gate is the width required. A 16-foot wide driveway needs a 16-foot wide gate, plus an additional 3-feet of space, totaling 19-feet to the right or left of the gate upon opening. Overall, sliding gates are the preferred option for areas with restrictions such as space or inclined driveways. The main types are:

 * Cantilever -: This type of gate is preferable for areas with heavy snow or ice buildup as they do not have wheels. The wheels are mounted on a post on one side of the gate to either pull or push the gate open and closed.

 * Swinging Gates -: The most popular type of automated Driveway Gates in use today. Single swing gates operate just like the door to your home; opening outward or inward. Double swinging gates are very attractive and operate like French doors. The average width for single swing gates is between 16 and 20 feet.

 * Lift and Swing Gates -: These lift the gate up vertically before swinging out. They are perfect for those locations that receive significant snow or ice accumulation.

 * V-Track -: The most popular choice among sliding gates and considered the most reliable by many. As the track in which the gate slides need to be kept free of debris, and ice and snow they are not recommended for areas where this is an occurrence.

* Vertical Lift Gates -: Although this type of swinging gate is most often seen in commercial or industrial settings, if outfitted with the right type of panel, the effect in a residential setting is quite stunning. Usually 8-feet tall and 16-feet wide, they lift straight up allowing cars to pass under. It is considered to be the most secure of all gates types.

Swing gates installed by companies like are typically operated by remote control or keypads. They are ideally suited for flat driveways as an inclined driveway inhibits their movement. Double swinging gates can also be more costly as both halves must have an operating mechanism.

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