Do you need Urgent Care in Daytona Beach?

by | Nov 1, 2013 | health care

The answer rather depends on what you mean by “urgent” and what type of “care” you are seeking? Let’s concentrate on medical care and try to define the meaning of “urgent”. Urgency is often in the eye of the beholder and/or “victim”. Someone who suddenly and without warning collapses and loses consciousness is obviously in need of urgent and immediate medical attention but, what about when your kid falls off his bicycle, severely grazes his knee and your (limited) medical cabinet and skills can not immediately staunch the bleeding?

In the latter case, your kid’s screams make it appear very dramatic and a dire emergency but, if we stood back from the situation, and calmly thought it out, we would probably decide that this is no life or death situation. In such a more detached frame of mind, we would probably decide against calling 911 and demanding an ambulance full of paramedics be dispatched to transport our son to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Instead, once we are sure that our home remedy is not quite cutting it, we could check for the location of our nearest walk in medical clinic. We should have its address and other details posted somewhere (like the fridge door), otherwise, they should be fairly easy to locate from Yellow Pages or the like. We would then proceed with all due haste to this clinic and let them decide what best to do for our sobbing and bleeding offspring. Should we be in the Volusia County area of Florida, then we are most likely to find what we need at Urgent Care Daytona Beach which will turn out to be a walk in medical facility well staffed and open 7 days a week which can deal with most sorts of minor emergencies almost as soon as you walk through their doors.

No appointment is needed and their aim is to give fast treatment to anyone not suffering from an immediate, life threatening condition (whether from accident or general illness). Urgent Care in Daytona Beach does not intend to usurp the function of your family doctor or prime care physician but, they recognize that circumstances relating to time, location and availability may not make it always practical for you to visit your doctor when faced with a medical problem that requires immediate attention.

Urgent Care Daytona Beach is your online contact for details about Prime Care – Urgent Care Providers who currently have two clinics in the Volusia County area of Florida. Both are set up and staffed to fully meet the needs of people needing urgent treatment for medical matters that are not actually life threatening but are deemed urgent by the patient.

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