Do Not Suffer the Consequences of a Faulty Auto when a Solution is Available

When a person purchases a new automobile to only discover it is a lemon can be extremely frustrating. From being without reliable transportation to money spent on the auto, a defective vehicle can be a huge inconvenience to the car owner. Fortunately, across the nation lemon laws were established to help lessen the burden consumers can experience when they purchase a defective automobile. While each state has their own version of the law, they were all created to prevent consumers from being taken advantage by large corporations. A lemon law attorney close to Florida can offer a car owner the valuable information and services required to minimize the impact of purchasing a faulty automobile.

Requirements to Qualify for a Lemon Law Claim

Not every automobile is covered under the lemon law, there are certain specifications the must be met to qualify as a lemon. If the auto falls under the law, the owner has the right to a replacement or a full refund for the automobile. A primary requirement for an auto to be considered a lemon is any newly purchased or long-term leased vehicle. A lemon law attorney close to Florida can explain the other requirements such as the vehicle’s value is substantially reduced due to the defect. In addition to the owner is required to allow the dealership or manufacturer at three attempts to repairing the same issue. Plus, the auto must be out of service due to the defect for 15 or more days to be considered a lemon.

Gain the Experience and Knowledge of a Trusted Attorney

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® makes it their primary focus to provide each client with dependable services pertaining to lemon law cases. You do not have to experience the consequences of a defective vehicle when their skilled attorneys can help you receive a fair judgment. Visit them online at

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