Divorce Lawyers in Sycamore IL Support Clients through Mediation and Litigation

When people think of divorce, the first thing that comes to mind is often a heated courtroom battle. However, many divorce cases never get into a courtroom. That’s because the attorneys on both sides of the table are able to help their clients settle the most important matters through other means. Attorneys may negotiate with each other on their clients’ behalves but often, significant progress is made in mediation.

Benefits of Mediation

The most important benefit to using mediation in divorce is that it’s less expensive than litigation. Although Divorce Lawyers in Sycamore IL are in the business to make a profit, they also understand they will get more referrals from clients they were able to help save money. Mediation is a process that involves both clients, their attorneys and a impartial mediator. Prior to the meeting, attorneys help their client define what they really want and what they are willing to negotiate to get it. Mediation is more likely to be successful when both spouses are committed to the process.

Benefits of Litigation

Although litigation is more expensive for the client, it may be the ideal way to settle a divorce when the other spouse has a history of abuse or controlling behavior. To avoid the intimidation that is often present in these types of relationships. When a judge settles a divorce, each spouse will get an equitable share of the assets and debts. They may not get to choose which assets they keep but they have the option of selling things they don’t want or need. When a client decides litigation is the best way to settle their case, Divorce Lawyers in Sycamore IL support and advocate for their clients throughout the process.

Each spouse has a right to be treated fairly during the divorce process. Although many people are able to agree to the terms of their divorces through mediation, others may need to rely on litigation in order to get what they deserve. It’s important for divorcing clients to choose an attorney like The Cosentino Law Firm LLC, that has the experience necessary to support them throughout the divorce process and until they get their final decree.

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