Direct Cremation Services in Mason, OH Provide an Affordable Option for Families

Direct Cremation Services in Mason OH provide the option of having a deceased person cremated without a viewing and visitation connected with a funeral. The family can still have a memorial service, of course. Many people prefer this option because of its affordability when compared with the full funeral and because they want a more casual, rather than a formal, gathering.

Federal Guidelines for Consumer Protection

Funeral homes cannot require clients to buy caskets for the purpose of direct cremation, according to federal guidelines. The process can be done with a wooden box manufactured for this purpose.

Clients also are not required to buy an urn from funeral homes providing Cremation Services in Mason OH. This is another federal regulation. They can provide their own if they have a container they want to use. They can also request that the ashes be returned in a cardboard box, and funeral directors are accustomed to hearing this request from time to time. Family members who want to scatter the ashes soon after receiving them may not feel the need to pay for a permanent container.

Finding Direct Services

These direct services are offered by local, established organizations like Spring Grove Cremation Society. Families do not have to search online for an option that might be located in another part of the state. Funeral home directors have seen the demand for more affordable options and have responded accordingly.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Casket prices have increased dramatically over the past few decades, and many families do not want to pay those prices or simply do not have the money for it. If they do want to have a funeral with a wake or visitation, they can rent a casket for that purpose. Funeral homes provide these caskets with a removable box hidden inside. This interior container holds the deceased person.

Families who choose to have a memorial service can hold this gathering at any time. They might have it at the funeral home or their place of worship. Many families choose to have the service in a park or a relative’s home. A clergy member can speak or the service can simply have eulogies given by family and friends.

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