Dental Implants Dentures In Panama City FL Are Convenient And Affordable

The loss of a tooth or several teeth can lead to a variety of problems for someone. Dental Implants Dentures in Panama City FL are a great choice to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants help to secure dentures in the mouth so they don’t slip during chewing or talking. It’s also an alternative to using a bridge to fill the gap where a tooth is missing. When teeth a missing, the other teeth in the mouth can shift and cause difficulty in chewing food properly. The shifting can also cause jaw pain, face pain and headaches from the mis-alignment of the teeth.

Regular dentures rest on the patient’s gums. Gums can become irritated at various times. Dental Implants Dentures in Panama City FL is an overdenture that rests on the implants. This helps to eliminate gum irritation from the denture. These type of implants are used when someone has adequate jaw bone to support implants and the dentures will snap into place on the post. These type of dentures work more favorably on the lower jaw. Dentures for the lower jaw are usually less stable and implants help to stabilize the dentures in place. They can, however, be used for the upper or lower jaw as an alternative to traditional dentures.

Implant-supported dentures need to be removed on a daily basis for proper cleaning just like traditional dentures. Traditional or implant-supported dentures should be removed at night while sleeping. If someone does not want to remove their dentures, they should discuss alternatives such as permanent crowns or bridgework with their dentist. The two alternatives for implant-supported dentures are bar-retained and ball-retained dentures. Bar-retained dentures uses a thin bar that follows the shape of the jaw that contains clips. The dentures will clip to this bar to stay in place.

Ball-retained dentures is a stud attachment. There are male and female attachments that fit together with the dentures to keep stabilize the dentures. If you’re missing teeth, are due for a new set of dentures or have considered obtaining dentures, the new technology can make wearing dentures much more convenient. You can learn more here.

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