Dental Care in Bayville, NJ: Considerations for Smokers Wanting Dental Implants

A person who smokes may not be able to get dental implants unless he or she quits. A dentist at a clinic for Dental Care in Bayville NJ, may not provide implants to tobacco smokers because smoking reduces the chances of success for implants. In non-smokers, the success rate for dental implants integrating fully with the jawbone is very high, reaching nearly 100 percent. The success rate is lower for smokers.

Toxins in the smoke can interfere with the healing process and lead to infection. The implant rods may fuse with the jawbone without problems but, eventually, the dentist at a clinic for Dental Care in Bayville NJ, must reopen the gums so the prosthetic crowns can be attached to rods above the gum line. This tends to be the time when problems develop, as smoking is an irritant to gum tissue. The exposed sensitive gum tissue around the implants may become inflamed. Continuing to smoke may even lead to some jawbone deterioration, at which point the implant rods come loose and must be removed.

In actual numbers, the statistics do not look so daunting. Some studies show that twice as many patients who smoke deal with implant failure compared with patients who do not smoke. However, with such a high success rate, that can mean two out of one hundred nonsmokers are unsuccessful while four out of one hundred smokers are. The success rate is still very good. Nevertheless, for the four smokers who had to go through the ordeal of getting implants removed and perhaps not being able to have them again, this is an upsetting outcome.

The best option is to view this as the perfect time to finally quit smoking. It’s no secret that smoking is a risk factor not only for dental and periodontal problems but for serious and life-threatening diseases as well. However, quitting for even a few weeks before the implants are installed and continuing to abstain for a few weeks after the crowns are placed can increase the chances of success. Contact Go Century Dental to learn more about dental implants and ways to ensure success with the process.

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