Creating Beautiful Rustic Front Doors for Your Home

A charming wooden door adds a lot of appeal and interest to your home. When you choose a door that is designed just for you and your family, it can transform the front entrance to your home into a space that is welcoming and interesting. There are several features to think about if you are after rustic front doors. The more attention you put into that door, the more you’ll find yourself enjoying the very best look every time you step foot onto your front porch.

First, consider the wood itself. Several species are available. For rustic front doors, you will want to consider the grain pattern of the door as a first step. You also need to consider the knot structure – including how many and how visible they are. Then, consider the actual wood. Do you want to choose a beautiful knotty pine or a knotty alder? Cedar can be a good option as well.

To complete the look of your rustic front doors, focus on other details. If you plan to use glass, you may want to choose the right framing to help it to stand out. You may want to choose door glass in a unique shape or glass that’s designed with a special image within it. Then, consider the hardware of your door. This, too, needs to contribute to the overall theme of the space. Look for hardware that fits the metal color, but also the overall ornateness of your door.

Each one of these features can play a big difference in the finished results. Rustic front doors can be as unique and interesting as you want them to be, or they can be very basic to create a truly rustic look. What works for your home’s main entryway?

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