Corporate Catering In Chicago: Planning Ahead

As a corporation event planner or owner, when you decide to hold an event, it is very important to plan. When it comes to catering in Chicago, be certain you know exactly what you want and whether the catering companies can provide it. Talk to the various potential providers about the specifics, be clear about what you want, and make sure everyone is communicating plainly.

What to Consider

Compile a list of what you expect from the caterer. Go over the list and discuss exact details in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Make sure to take care that everything is written down and is not a verbal agreement. This way everyone has written instructions and information about expectations and delivery.

What should be on the list is the following data:

  * The type of meal in broad terms, e.g. breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  * Favorite foods of the guests and other people participating in the event.

  * Allergies. Do any of the people attending have an allergy to, for instance, nuts? If so, how severe is it? Do all foods that potentially have come into contact with nuts need to be removed from the diet?

  * Special Diets. Are there any that fall into this category, e.g. gluten free, lactose free? If so, how many?

  * Religious Restrictions. Do the meals need to avoid or include certain foods because of religious strictures? E.g. pork, wine.

  * Numbers. How many people is the company expecting to attend the event?

  * The style of the meal. Is it self-catering, full-service, or somewhere in between?

  * Space. How much space is allotted for the meal? How is the catering company to configure it? This will depend upon such things as whether the company catering in Chicago requires a specific area for a buffet or whether the room has tables, chairs and similar divisions for full-service catering.
Experienced caterers will be able to talk to you about possible menus. They will explain what they can and cannot do to accommodate the dietary requirements and/or restrictions of your guests. Based on such conversations and exchange of information, you and the caterers should be able to arrive at a viable solution.

Corporate Catering in Chicago

Catering is a booming business; however, some companies do not last. It is important for you to not only interview the companies, check out their referrals and reviews but also taste what they have to offer. During the entire process of selecting the right caterer for your event, be direct, informative and always communicate clearly. If you and the caterer are not able to understand each other, it is best to choose another from the large pool of companies that provide quality catering in Chicago.

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