Cooperating with Roof Repairmen

You find yourself in need of repairs for your roof, so you hire a roofing contractor to send down workers to handle the job. The number of workers will depend on the job, but it’s rarely more than ten people. The typical belief to how you can best help these workers is to stay out of their way and let them do their jobs, but there are other ways you can help them. So, if you’re about to have roof repairs in Wheaton, here are some helpful tips for how you can make the worker’s job a bit easier.

#1. Water

Anytime you have people working on your house, particularly your roof, and especially in the summer, handing out water bottles will go deeply appreciated. Roof workers don’t take many breaks unless they have to, preferring to get the job done as fast as they can. Keeping them hydrated will not only improve your good relations with the workers and the company but will also keep them working at peak performance for longer.

#2. Offer your bathroom

Few things hinder performance quite like simultaneously holding in your need to use the bathroom. When the workers arrive, show them one of your bathrooms, and offer it to them if they need it. On top of it being a good way to make their work a bit smoother and more comfortable, it’s just the polite thing to do for people taking the time to repair your roof. Of course, make sure you stock up on extra toilet paper and hand soap if you plan on providing this for them.

#3. Other amenities

There are a few other miscellaneous amenities you can provide, that are more optional than the first two but help nonetheless. If the work carries into lunchtime, for instance, you can fix the workers something to eat, like sandwiches. If it’s a hot summer’s day, you could offer small sweat rags to wipe off the sweat and keep the sun off of their heads. Finally, if you have nothing to do yourself, you can ask them if there’s any way you can help. While they may turn you down, just asking speaks volumes.

While none of these are outright demanded of you by the workers, they can help improve performance by taking the edge off. Plus, it’s just the polite thing to do, since these man and women are fixing your house, usually working under the open sun. Any kindness and cooperation you show them will vastly improve the way they work, and your relationship with the company. So next time you have roof workers coming by to fix up your roof, show them that their work is appreciated. Contact Showalter Roofing Service, Inc for more information or visit

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