Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta If You Have Been Injured By a Truck

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Lawyers

A Personal Injury Attorney in East Point files a lawsuit on your behalf after you sustain an injury. These lawsuits are filed against the individuals who are a direct or indirect cause of the accident that led to injuries. In automobile accidents, a highway patrol officer will prepare an accident report which will state clearly which driver was at fault and how the accident occurred. In a personal injury claim this report could become the key piece of evidence that presents the highest probability of success.

Filing a Lawsuit After an Auto Accident

When the driver who was at fault fails to pay your medical and repair costs, you should consult an attorney. An attorney guides you through the necessary steps to file a lawsuit to fight for compensation. It is possible that this individual will offer to settle out of court by making an offer. You should allow your attorney evaluate any offers presented.

Local Injury Attorneys

When you hire a Personal Injury Attorney at 411 PAIN East Point, you receive effective legal representation that will provide you with an effective injury claim. These attorneys help you prepare for your hearing in which you will discuss your case with the judge. They assist you by compiling evidence to support your claim. This evidence presents a full description of your injuries and details such as the amount of time that you have been out of work and a calculated figure that reflects the wages you have lost. To hire an attorney within the 411 PAIN law firm, you should contact them at the toll-free number listed on their website at


Your Personal Injury Attorney in East Point provides you with information regarding the litigation process. When you sustain injuries due to an automobile accident, your attorney will prepare your case based on the findings of the accident report. This report states specifically which driver is at fault in the accident. It is necessary to file a lawsuit when the at-fault driver fails to file a claim with their insurance provider or does not attempt to cover your medical costs or auto repair expenses. A lawsuit presents you with the possibility of recovering these funds from the driver who was at fault.

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