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by | Dec 8, 2015 | Hardware

Anyone involved with plumbing knows that hoses and tubes are vulnerable to all types of damage that can cause leaks. Metal pipes are susceptible to rust and corrosion which can weaken them. Cracks and punctures can impact pipes made of other materials. Advances in materials used to make plumbing parts have resulted in parts that are easier to install and offer more durability than traditional materials.

A material that is becoming common in plumbing applications is PEX or cross-linked polyethylene. Pipes and tubing made of PEX are durable and flexible, two qualities that make plumbing parts long-lasting and cost-efficient. Features that make PEX the material of choice for plumbing lines and hoses include:

 * Flexibility
 * Puncture resistant
 * Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
 * Torch-free installation

If you are in the market for durable plumbing parts, consider PEX for new projects or to replace older plumbing parts. It is easy to find PEX plumbing Parts. Apache Junction homeowners and plumbers can find PEX parts in various sizes and lengths.

PEX Parts are Flexible
PEX Plumbing is known for flexibility that makes it possible to bend a PEX pipe in vast spaces without the use of elbow joints. Materials like PVC and copper must be joined by elbow joints when a bend in the pipe is required. When PEX pipes must be joined–at a 90-degree angle, PEX elbow joints are available to complete the job.

PEX Parts are Puncture Resistant
PEX tubes and hoses are puncture resistant, meaning no leaks due to pinholes. This makes PEX tubing superior to copper and other materials that can crack or develop holes due to corrosion or rust.

PEX Parts Withstand Extreme Temperatures
PEX pipes can withstand extreme temperatures so unlike pipes made of other materials PEX, is more resistant to cracking during cold weather.

PEX Parts Require No Torches Installation
Unlike metals that may require soldering, PEX parts require no torches, so there is no risk of burns or fire damage during installation.

Whether the need is for coiled hoses and tubes or straight lengths, they are available in PEX. Over time, PEX saves money because costly repairs are less likely due to the durability, flexibility and strength of the material.

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