Common Tell-Tale Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

There are many tell-tale signs that let homeowners know it is time for a roof replacement. With simple observation, residents of Seattle can easily determine when that time has come. To avoid bigger problems, do not delay by contacting a Seattle residential roofing company to help replace your roof.

Most Common Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing:



The most noticeable sign a replacement roof may be needed is leaking. A simple leak may require only a repair, however, it also shows a worn out roof. If a leak is ignored, homeowners can expect a march larger problem. An expert in roof repair will thoroughly examine the leak to give you the best option to permanently end your leak.


Curling Shingles

There are several causes of curling shingles, including defective materials, improper installation, incorrect attic ventilation, or wear and tear from the elements. While observing the roof, if there are shingles bent upward or downward from curling, you want to contact a professional to inspect your roof.


Discolored Shingles

While looking up at your roof, if you notice an area of shingles that differ in color from the others or ones that are discolored, this can be a reason to for roof replacement. One cause of this is the wear and tear from the many elements over the years. An expert roofer can advise you on what your next step should be after they perform a complete inspection of the roof.


Algae Growth

A roofs life expectancy is reduced by the growth of algae; it needs immediate attention. In some cases, algae can be cleaned of the roof with scrubbing or zinc strips. However, the problem with algae can also be fixed with roof replacement. An experienced Seattle residential roofing company can inspect your roof and give the best recommendation for your specific problem.



Roofs which are 20 years of age or older, generally need replacing. Today’s shingles are produced to withstand more dangers from elements than they were two decades ago.

If you are a homeowner experiencing one or more of these roofing problems, it is likely time for a roof replacement. A professional can tell you the best option for your roof.

Problems with roofs happen, and when it does you want a professional you can rely on. For more information, contact Pacific Pride Roofing

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