Common Reasons to Seek Emergency Cat Care in Gaithersburg, MD

The health of a cat or kitten is perhaps the most important aspect of their well-being. Kitty owners should care about their pet’s food, always choosing to feed their animal the best food available. Owners should prevent access to certain products and, ultimately, treat their cat with a certain amount of responsibility and love. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent accidents from happening and that’s why Emergency Cat Care in Gaithersburg MD is important.

It is easy for people to leave certain things lying around. The only problem with this is that cats love to eat things they shouldn’t. Scientifically known as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, this can cause the formation of thrombi in the cat’s aorta, which means the kitty would be paralyzed. If the cat is not cared for quickly, the damage could be permanent. There are a number of cats who are considered asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Just like humans, they need to be seen by a professional for these issues. In the case of kittens, a cold could lead to dehydration and death.

In most cases, falls are inevitable. Even though people think that cats always land on their feet, this is not the case. All cats are born agile, but many grow up to be a little slow and skittish. To help prevent injuries, it is best to keep the cat at a healthy weight and limit the number of loud sounds. There are times where cats will jump on everything in sight. They are very curious, which can be a bad thing sometimes. For instance, has your kitty jumped on a hot stove? If so, chances are a trip to the vet was needed.

If your kitty has diabetes, a trip to the local emergency cat care in Gaithersburg MD is warranted more often than not. Feline diabetes can cause fainting, seizures, kidney failure, and other symptoms that require veterinary assistance immediately. Urinary tract infections are common among neutered cats who do not receive proper care. In most cases, neutered cats will develop kidney stones and suffer from urinary infections. The first indication that something is wrong happens when the cat starts urinating outside the litter box. This should raise a huge red flag. To prevent this from happening to your kitty, make sure the cat drinks plenty of water and eats wet food at least four times a week. Browse our website to learn more.

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