Common Problems that Occur after a Bone Replacement/Implant Surgery

As much as possible, surgery is not the first choice for physical problems. The doctor and the nurse would work with the patient to prevent surgery. However, in many cases of accidents, traumas, or other reasons, surgeries aren’t inevitable. The danger in surgery, such as bone replacement or other implants is that if the body of the patient would accept or reject the foreign object.


The common risks that arise after the surgery is blood clot, dislocation of bones, loosening of the implant, impending fractures, and infection.


There are different kinds of complications that could arise, such as infection. Infection is one of the most significant symptom that should be taken note of every after surgeries. If the infection has not been controlled, the whole part (for example, the leg) would have to be cut off to prevent the spread of the infection to other parts of the body. Another is avascular necrosis. It is a complication when there is no enough blood supply because of the implant. Third, is osteolysis, a complication where the body recognizes the implant as a foreign object. Now, the normal body mechanism is to clean up foreign objects, but the effect is that the bone around the implant is broken down.

Biocompatible Coatings for Medical Devices

Now, there is a thing called the biocompatible coatings for medical devices. The purpose of this invention is to coat the medical devices, such as implants, so that as they are being attached inside the body, the body won’t recognize it as foreign objects. This would prevent complications, such as what was previously stated.

Know More about Biocompatible Coatings for Medical Devices

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