Choosing The Right Movers In Fort Lauderdale For The Job

Not all movers in Fort Lauderdale are trained, equipped and experienced to complete all types of moves. Unfortunately, that often doesn’t stop them from taking on these moving jobs, and this leaves the customer stressed, frustrated and very unhappy.

This is most commonly found when hiring a local moving company that has limited employees, trucks, and actual moving experience. There are a significant number of these movers out there and asking questions and determining the companies professionalism is an essential part of getting the right moving company for your move type.

Small Residential Moves

Small residential moves can be both long distance and local. Local moves are typically within one state, also known as intrastate moves. However, sometimes there are some states in a short geographic area, and it may be set on a distance parameter rather than in or out of state in those situations.

Typically with small residential moves, the movers loading the truck will be the same crew that unloads, but this is not always the case. Small moves tend to be apartments, condos and smaller two to three bedroom homes without a lot of large items.

Large Residential Moves

With large residential moves of homes that are three or more bedrooms, plus significant other furniture, movers will need to be more efficient, effective and trained in packing the truck and moving a wide range of different items.

As with small moves, these can be either local or long distance. With long distance moves of any size, the movers will be different at either end, but the driver will typically be the same individual.

International Moves

International movers specialize in packing small or large residences and preparing all the necessary documents and paperwork to ensure passage through customs. Often these moves are complicated with multiple forms of transportation required for your possessions to get from your home in Fort Lauderdale to your new home location in an international country.

With the complexity of these moves, it is essential to work with a company with experience. These moves, if not done correctly, can delay the arrival of your household possessions for weeks or result in fines and additional fees for customs.

Working with a top, recognized and the professional moving company is always the best option. In Fort Lauderdale, this will also result in working with the top movers, as professional companies naturally provide the best in teams to handle your move.

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