Choosing the Perfect Designer Wallcoverings

A perfect wallcovering can transform any space. Depending on what type of space you need to cover and what needs you must meet, you can decide what type of wallcovering is best for you. There are probably more types of designer wallcoverings than you knew existed, many different types designed to meet your every need. Whether you are replacing old wallcoverings or starting from scratch in your new home or office, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you.

Consider the Space

The type of location you need to cover will make a huge difference in what type of wallcovering is best. There are three levels of durability in wallcoverings. An area like an apartment building or an office would require a lower duty wallcovering, which is resistant to damage. Areas that might undergo a bit more wear and tear, such as schools and health care facilities, will need a higher-grade covering. The highest level of protection will be a good fit for areas that have a lot of heavy equipment, as the covering is the most efficient in resisting damage. Consider the use of the space to help make the best choice in wallcovering.

Select the Wallcovering

After you have decided the durability, depending on where the space is located and the amount of abuse it may be subjected to, look into the various different designer wallcoverings that are available. For example, linen wallcoverings are a good choice for a space that does not require a heavy duty covering, as they are hypoallergenic and offer protection against mold and mildew. Non-woven wallcoverings are an option for those who seek a durable, yet stylish covering. If style is important when selecting a wallcovering for your space, consider a designer wallcovering. These coverings come in a variety of protection levels. Designer wallcoverings are made to accommodate the needs of the area while still making it beautiful and inviting. There are many different designers so it will be easy to find one that suits your taste.

In order to hang the wallcovering, the installer will need to first, apply an adhesive. The type of adhesive will depend once again on the area and the type of wallcovering. Different adhesives have varying microbial protection, so that is something else to consider when making a selection. Clear adhesive is used to hang all different types of coverings, is the most general and the easiest to clean up. Cellulose adhesives are used for projects that are more lightweight. Clay and vinyl over vinyl adhesives are only used for heavy-duty jobs or when a wallcovering installment involves replacing a previous wallcovering. Speaking with an expert will allow you to know which type of adhesive will work best for your installation.

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