Choosing a Remanufactured Transmission for your Vehicle

The professionals know that when transmissions fail on vehicles, there are several options that can be chosen to get you back on the road. If it is possible, a repair attempt will be made if the damage is not that extensive. While not possible every time, this can save you money and prolong a rebuild or replacement. Otherwise, there are two main options for getting your vehicle up and running.

Repair Choices

Choosing between a rebuilt or a remanufactured transmission can be a difficult choice. Educating yourself on just exactly how each type is completed can help you make the decision. Either option will provide you with a quality product that you can rely on.

When you choose the rebuild option, everything is completely disassembled and examined, down to every last nut and bolt. Any parts that are worn, broken or damaged in any way are discarded. Then, everything is replaced with brand new parts and only the best, undamaged items are reused in the rebuild. Any updates in manufacturer codes and standards are also incorporated as well. Everything is cleaned and expertly built back into a fully functional rebuilt unit. While this option can be a three to five-day process, you can be assured that you will know who is doing the work and that your certified mechanic has provided you with a long lasting quality replacement. Your rebuild will be better than the original that was on your vehicle at the time of purchase.

If you choose to have a remanufactured transmission installed on your vehicle, there is an advantage of time savings. Your parts come from a factory rebuild that can provide some superior service including higher quality friction material and machined internal parts. These repairs often offer longer warranties than an in-house rebuild, and the turnaround is much faster. In many cases, your vehicle can be repaired in just a day. So, if time is critical for your repair, this option can be much more appealing.

Cost Savings

While both rebuild options will provide you with a quality replacement and return your vehicle to top operating condition, purchasing a remanufactured transmission is a more cost effective option. In addition to the quicker turnaround time, the volume of work the factory produces results in a lower cost that’s passed on to you.

If you have a used vehicle and do not want to invest a tremendous amount into the repair, this option once again will be a favorable choice for you. You will still be able to give your vehicle a reliable repair that provides you with a good warranty as well as saving you money in the long run. To know more about remanufactured transmissions visit Trans Works Transmission LLC. You can also find them on Facebook.

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