Choosing A Hardwood Floor

When undertaking a major renovation the homeowner is faced with making many decisions, one of which is flooring. There are literally hundreds of options from expensive wall to wall broadlooms to ceramic tiles. Hardwood floors in San Antonio are seen by many people as the undisputed gold standard in flooring.

Choosing hardwood flooring requires far more than simply saying, “I love that color.” There are other factors that are equally important and can have a lasting impact on performance and aesthetics.

Types of wood flooring:

In the past there was only one option available to those that wanted a hardwood floor; solid boards milled from wood logs joined together using a traditional tongue and groove arrangement. Solid hardwood is available today prefinished or unfinished.

Although traditional hardwood floors in San Antonio are still extremely popular, there is now a viable alternative; engineered hardwood flooring. Once the floor has been laid it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. Engineered hardwood flooring material has a top veneer of real hardwood which is bonded to layers, somewhat like plywood. The lawyers are built up at opposing angles; this makes the plank extremely stable as temperatures rise and fall.

Real hardwood flooring:

Despite the advantages of engineered hardwood floors in San Antonio there are many homeowners that prefer solid wood.

The “king of hardwood flooring” in the US is oak, an extremely durable wood, one that takes stain well. Oak has a very attractive grain and because of it being widely available, the price is quite reasonable compared to some of the more exotic imported woods.

Another very popular wood for floors is walnut, a little softer than oak but for those who wish a darker floor, walnut is hard to beat. Other readily available native woods that are used for hardwood flooring include hickory, ash and maple.

If you are considering the installation of hardwood floors in San Antonio, either solid or engineered you are invited to discuss the available options with Shaw Company Remodeling.

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