Care For A Black Cherry Tree And Additional Tree Services In St. Paul MN

A black cherry tree will provide a bounty of fruit throughout the summer and will beautify a residential piece of property with the proper care techniques. Use the following Tree Services in St. Paul MN to assist with promoting healthy growth and ensuring that the tree will produce a sufficient amount of fruit each season.

Prune Branches And Cut Grass

A black cherry tree’s branches should be pruned late in the winter or early spring. Branches that are overgrown could block sunlight each day and prevent some portions of the tree from growing as quickly as others. As a result, cherries may be smaller in size or some branches may be lacking fruit altogether.

While standing on a ladder, the end of each overgrown branch should be eliminated. If grass is growing rapidly around the base of the tree, a weed whacker or lawn mower can be used to trim pieces.

Apply An Insecticide

During the summer, insects may be attracted to the sweet scent of each cherry that is growing on the tree. Insects could contaminate fruit and make it unsafe to eat. An insecticide that is not harmful to plants should be applied to each branch on a tree. Insecticide can be reapplied as needed until there are no more insects spotted on any of the leaves or cherries.

Deter Birds And Pick Fruit As It Matures

Several varieties of birds often eat cherries on trees, which could greatly minimize the amount of fruit that a tree owner can collect when the cherries have matured. Birds can be deterred by placing bird feeders, bird baths, and small wooden homes in a section of a yard that is several yards away from the black cherry tree. Bird feed should be replenished regularly so that birds are not tempted to fly over to the cherry tree in search of food.

As fruit matures, it should be carefully picked from the tree. Black cherries should be rinsed in cool water. Cherries can be eaten alone or used to make jams, jellies, tarts or other sweet treats. Timberline Tree Service or other companies that provide Tree Services in St. Paul MN can assist with maintaining the health of a tree, planting new trees or removing damaged trees from property.

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