Can Dog Boarding Kennels Benefit a Depressed Pet?

by | Mar 27, 2012 | Health And Fitness

Do you have a grueling work schedule that keeps your pet alone at home most of the day? Your perky pet can raise your spirits and keep you from feeling blue, but is your beloved pooch lonely when you are away? Just like humans, your dog can experience mood fluctuations and depression. Medical conditions, loneliness and other changes in their lives can contribute to canine depression. Some owners prefer to keep their dogs in dog boarding kennels to avoid leaving them alone. With socializing and supervised interaction with other animals and humans, your pet can beat the blues.

Most dogs are highly sociable animals that enjoy playing and interaction. Some breeds are more energetic and playful than others. Animals can become depressed with changes in environment, weather changes and for medical reasons.

Symptoms of canine depression

  • Becoming withdrawn: one of the key signs of depression is the dog’s withdrawal and decreased interaction with other animals and people in the family.

  • Becoming inactive: your once happy and well-adjusted pet can stop showing interest in favorite activities like playing and walks. The animal might move listlessly and purposelessly and with a slower gait.

  • Appetite changes: the animal can lose interest in meals and start to lose weight. Some dogs eat more when depressed and gain weight.

  • Changes in sleep patterns: depression can change sleep habits in dogs. The animal sleeps more or tends to sleep more or become restlessly and have disturbed sleep.

One of the therapies your vet can suggest for your depressed animal is a change in the environment or giving the animal more healthy attention. The dog can suffer from separation anxiety if it is alone for most of the day. Dogs are highly sensitive and are quick to suffer from loneliness and from a sense of abandonment. If the dog has lost a canine companion or a member of the family has passed away, you pet could be grieving and suffering just as a human would. Sudden loneliness can trigger anxiety and depression.

If your animal is suffering from these symptoms, taking your pet to dog boarding kennels while you are at work can help alleviate the loneliness. Under professional supervision, your dog can be encouraged to socialize and play with other animals. If your dog has a favorite game or activity share that information with the daycare professionals at dog boarding kennels. Odenton residents can find daycare and medical help for depression at local kennels and vets offices.



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