Cable Tie Bases and Holders: Ensuring Security And Order

Many industries involve running a line of cables from point A to Point B. While some may run underground, others do not. Yet, no matter what the route, it is essential to ensure some form of management is in place. This is the only way to keep them secure, safe and organized. The ideal solution is employing cable tie bases and holders.

Restoring Order

Cable ties provide the most basic management system available. Simple wire or plastic ties force the wire into submission. However, they are not effective when thicker, heavier and more numerous wire cable requires taming. To accomplish this necessitates a better system. Combining cable ties with tie mounting bases and holders can institute order effectively.

A mounting base is a convenient and easy method to ensure the cables remain together as a bundle in an orderly fashion. They are available in a number of sizes, shapes and attachment methods. Materials vary according to the application. If the cable tie bases and holders are for outdoors, construction materials, including the mounting base and holder adhesives differ to address the conditions. For example, a general adhesive is rubber-based, while high-bond acrylic based adhesives are for more demanding environments and applications.

Affordable Durable Solutions

Using cable ties, mounts, bases, and holders is an affordable answer for those who want to secure cables. They can address any type of project. Not only do they resist issues of temperature changes indoors and out, but they are also generally quite resilient. The plastic ties and bases are capable of resisting diverse such atmospheric and elemental materials including:

  • General contaminants
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Salt

Bulk buying always reduces the overall cost.

Cable Tie Bases and Holders

Cable tie bases and holders are available in designs capable of addressing diverse requirements. They readily and easily meet the needs and specifications of your cable management. By bulk buying, you can maintain affordability while ensuring security, safety, and order.

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